Nipple Discharge

What is Nipple Discharge?

Any fluid that is expressed from the nipple is categorized as nipple discharge. Nipple discharge can come from one breast or both breasts and may vary in color and texture. It can also be caused by excessive breast stimulation. In most cases, nipple discharge is not a result of breast cancer. Some causes of nipple discharge are lactation, hormone imbalance, breast infections, or a non-cancerous growth in the ductal system of the breast. Less than 5% of women presenting with nipple discharge have breast cancer.

How Can We Help?

A doctor needs to perform a physical exam and order some tests to find out the cause of the nipple discharge. If the cause of the discharge is found to be a mass in the ductal system of the breast, we will excise the duct in the operating room. You will be able to go home on the same day as the surgery. If the cause of the nipple discharge is found to be cancer, then we will discuss which surgical treatment options will be best for you.

Who to Contact

Dr. Charlie Jones and Dr. Susan Hagen are general, vascular and thoracic surgeons with over 30 years of experience. To make an appointment, please call 303-443-2123.