What Are Breast Infections?

Breast infections (mastitis) are characterized by an inflammation of breast tissue. Women are more likely to develop a breast infection after giving birth and breastfeeding. Bacteria can enter through the nipple and into the milk ducts from a baby’s mouth, and this bacteria can grow rapidly in the breast, causing inflammation or abscess. In these cases, patients may experience pain and tenderness. Breast infections can also occur in due to clogging of the milk ducts.

How Can We Help?

You should seek medical attention if you have consistent pain in your breast or experience any abnormal discharge. Redness, swelling, or lumps around your breast should also be reported to your doctor. During your examination the doctor should be able to determine if you have a breast infection. A ultrasound may be performed to check for any masses or abscesses. If an abscess is discovered, your doctor will likely drain it. A mammogram or breast biopsy may also be required. Surgical drainage of an abscess can be carried out in the hospital or in your doctor’s office depending on your physician’s recommendations. Pain medications and antibiotics are usually prescribed while you recover at home.

Who to Contact

Dr. Charlie Jones and Dr. Susan Hagen are general, vascular and thoracic surgeons with over 30 years of experience. To make an appointment, please call 303-443-2123.