What is Amputation and When is it Necessary?

Amputation refers to the removal of a limb or body part, such as an arm, hand, leg, or foot. Amputations are sometimes required in order to prevent further damage or infection from becoming worse or life threatening. Sometimes amputations are required after a traumatic injury when the limb is so severely damaged that it cannot be repaired.  Amputations may also be required in patients with severe peripheral vascular disease associated with tissue loss such as gangrene or infections.  Patients with uncontrolled diabetes or patients who smoke have a greater chance of requiring an amputation.

How Can We Help?

We will evaluate you to determine if the limb can be saved.  In the case of amputation, many patients may be eligible for an artificial limb.

Who to Contact

Dr. Charlie Jones and Dr. Susan Hagen are general, vascular and thoracic surgeons with over 30 years of experience. To make an appointment, please call 303-443-2123.