What Is A Perirectal Abscess?

A perirectal abscess occurs due to an infection of the small gland just inside the anus, causing the affected cavity to fill with pus. The abscess can either be superficial or deep. Symptoms include pain and swelling that may not be related to bowel movements, irritation of the tissue near or in the anus, purulent drainage, malaise and fever.

How Can We Help?

A perirectal abscess is treated by allowing the pus to be drained from the infected area, which involves making an incision over the painful area. In many cases, this can be accomplished in our office with the use of local anesthetic. If the abscess is large or the procedure is too painful, we will drain it in the operating room. Sometimes a drain is placed and sometimes frequent dressing changes will need to occur.

Who to Contact

Dr. Charlie Jones and Dr. Susan Hagen are general, vascular and thoracic surgeons with over 30 years of experience. To make an appointment, please call 303-443-2123.